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Interview with Charlie Webber of @hernamewascharlie


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One of the first accounts I came across when I launched back into Instagram at the end of 2016 was @hernamewascharlie. I was immediately captivated by the way Charlie captured London and her travels around the globe. Charlie’s style is consistent and unique, and I love how she lets her photos speak for themselves. Her feed is full of beautiful florals, snapshots of quintessential London moments, and more pretty doors and interiors than you can count. She describes herself as a “black clad lilac haired wanderer” which I think sums her up quite nicely! She is always finding new, beautiful corners of London and other parts of the world to capture, and I always really enjoy seeing her photos pop up in my feed. If you want to see more of her travels and snaps around London, check Charlie out on Instagram!

On Traveling

Who or what inspires you to travel?
Travelling has always been important to me, having grown up on a small island (Tasmania, Australia) thousands of miles away from other countries. It sounds terribly clichéd but I think it’s important for expanding the mind. Living in London, I have no excuse for not seeing new countries given Europe is basically my backyard!

What equipment do you use for capturing your travels?
I’m pretty basic – just an iPhone 6. And a good portable charger!

Do you have any trip planning tools or packing tips?
Not sure I’m the best person to give advice, I travel as light as possible! Also, roll everything up!

On Her Favorites

Who are your favorite Instagrammers at the moment?
There are so many! I’ve always loved – she just has a way of capturing the best of everything. @the_wondering_dreamer makes me want to move to Bermuda right now. And also @heydavina because she is never done exploring NYC, one of my favourite cities. Finally, @tinyatlasquarterly for my regular dose of wanderlust!

What is the soundtrack to your travels?
Anything by Goldfrapp.

What is your favorite quote about traveling?
One’s destination is never a new place but a new way of seeing things.
– Henry Miller

What are you currently reading/watching?
Do podcasts count? I like anything by the producers of Serial, Garance Doré’s Pardon My French and Pod Save America.

What is your favorite place in the whole wide world?
My heart belongs to the Amalfi Coast.

Can we have another Sunday please?

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Advice On Instagram

How long did it take you to build up your following, and what do you wish you’d done differently?
To be honest, it’s not something I gave a lot of thought about as it’s always been more of a hobby for me. I’m just amazed so many people are actually interested in what I do! I also don’t think I’d change anything, it’s been a fun process and I’ve met some great people along the way.

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How did you transition from a traditional job to what you’re doing now?
For now I’m still trying to manage a full time job and I will for as long as I can, I have to have my fingers in several pies!

What are two things new Instagrammers should be doing but probably aren’t?
I can really only think of one thing and it’s not giving a f*** what everyone else thinks. Seriously, create a feed that makes you happy and is true to you!

One piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring traveling entrepreneur. Go!
Do it your way.

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Other Tidbits About Charlie

Can you name one place you’ve traveled that surprised you the most, and tell us why?
The Peloponnese, the south coast of Greece. It was a last-minute trip after a wedding we were meant to be going to had to be postponed. We’d left it too late to organize a trip to one of the more obvious Greek islands so we settled on a road trip. It was one of the best holidays, so much variety with some of the world’s oldest caves, beautiful waterfalls, mountain top temples and amazing food. I would highly recommend.

What is one thing your followers would be surprised to learn about you?
I’m a Pilates instructor in my spare time.

Where to next?
Connecticut and NYC at the end of this month. Not organised enough to have figured out my travel for July onwards but have an ever growing wish list!

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A big thanks to Charlie for sharing a little more about her life and story with us.

Be sure to follow along on her adventures on Instagram!

If you missed last week’s interview with Helene in Between, be sure to check it out here!

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